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Why Choose MDF Skirting Boards Over Real Wooden Boards

The skirting boards in a home used to be made of hardwood only. MDF skirting boards are now becoming more popular than skirting boards made of hardwood. Below are some of the main benefits of using MDF skirting boards over all the traditional materials used which is real wood.

When it comes to the possibility of warping or cracking, MDF skirting boards are at no risk and this is the reason why many homeowners prefer to use this type of board. And this is because MDF is a man-made material and not real wood. Man made materials do face the risk of warping or cracking even when temperature and moisture content in the areas surrounding it change.

If you use real wood, they naturally react the temperature and moisture changes. They expand when the level of humidity is high because they take in moisture in the air. Wood contracts when there is low humidity. Changes in temperature and moisture will give you a problem when joining 2 pieces of boards together. Perfect joins can be ruined if the wood expands or contracts and this will make the join unpleasant to look at.

MDF is moisture resistant. And, It does not only not warp but it can be used in areas with high moisture content without ruining the looks of your skirting board. Bathrooms and kitchens can then use MDF skirting boards.

There are many sizes of MDF skirting boards that you can purchase. There are many standardized sizes manufactured. One benefit of having standard sizes is that you can easily know how many pieces you need and you can point the exact places where the joins will be placed. Since natural wood is sold by meter, controlling join placement can be difficult. You can understand that tree have no standardized sizes because when they are harvested their lengths are not exact.

MDF skirting boards are easy to paint. MDF has no imperfections that will make painting difficult. MDF has no knots or splinters like you find in wood. It is easier to paint MDF skirting boards because of this. Some natural woods also do not have a consistent surface color so you need to use extra coats of paint to achieve the best results. Knots in wood are dark in color and this will require you to put many coats of paint because they show even after several coats.

With its consistent surface, you have a great looking MDF skirting board after painting. Flat skirting board surfaces from MDF have a perfectly smooth outer layer which makes it easy to have a great paint finish.

These are just some of the many benefits you can enjoy if you use MDF skirting boards to make your home beautiful.

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